Teaching Internship – Week 6

The semester is flying by. Realizing that there is still quite a bit of material to cover before the midterm, it seemed like things were moving a bit more quickly this week. We covered more on central tendency, concentrating on definitions and different types of distributions, but we spent most of our time working with the properties of normal distributions. We did several practice problems calculating means, standard deviations, and percentiles. These were challenging, and several students expressed an interest in having some additional practice. After class, I spent some time preparing more problems and posting another Blackboard quiz for students to practice.

Our next topic for the week was validity. Dr. M had asked me to cover this content area. I had prepared a 20-minute lesson based on the textbook and some examples that I used in a recent conference presentation that I had given on validity. I decided not to use a PowerPoint presentation because we really haven’t used PowerPoint during this class. However, in hindsight, it might have been helpful to have something visual. I think I covered the material thoroughly, but I realize now that I didn’t use enough active learning strategies.  I started off by asking a few questions (based on the text), and it quickly became clear that most of the students had not done the reading. At that point, I felt like I needed to lecture, and the PowerPoint would have been helpful. The more I think about it, though, I can probably come up with some other ways to present the material in a more interactive way. After I finished, Dr. M gave an additional example about validity and emphasized that the primary focus of validity evidence is to provide assurance that the inferences from a measure are reasonable, appropriate, and correct.

The intention had also been to cover reliability during the last part of class, but we ran out of time… again! Instead, we spent the last 15 minutes talking about correlations to prepare for the reliability lesson.

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