Getting Ready for the Real Deal

Eleven days till I start teaching my first class on my own. I was feeling a little anxious because I hadn’t completely mapped out my schedule of classes and assignments, but I had a plan, and I wasn’t really nervous. Until last week. I met with one of the instructors who teaches another section of the same course, and I was totally blown away. Her approach to the course is completely hands-on, extremely well-planned, and very active. It’s also silly and quirky, and she uses a lot of manipulatives. A very different approach than Dr. M. This instructor has a lot of energy. She also has a different personality than I have, and she has a teaching background… in special education. She knows how to use tools and technology to bring concepts to life for students who may be challenged in various ways. Her training has given her some skills that I have not yet developed. I was really impressed, but it also scared me a little. I want to do what she does, but I’m not sure how effectively I can implement the same strategies with my limited experience. She has been very generous… giving me access to all of her course materials and her lesson plans. After pondering these facts for a week, I have come to the conclusion that I can do what she does, but I need to take small steps, and I need to go slowly. But, most importantly, I need to develop my own style.

4 Comments on “Getting Ready for the Real Deal”

  1. bwatwood says:

    Amen to your last line.

  2. Kelly, as a student in your class, I was relieved to see it was one and the same Kelly from Institute for Service Learing. You have an awesome style and I will learn a lot this semester. Everytime I say I am in Research Methods, people go “Oh do you have SC?” and I say no, I have a brand new teacher, and then they feel sorry for me. After first night, I assure them all is well. This is going to be on my “better classes” list!

    • Thanks! I have always liked research, but I think I’m going to like teaching just as much. And now that you are following me, I am going to be more motivated to continue my own reflections! ;-)

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