Teaching Internship – Week 13

Thanksgiving week, and it’s getting into the home stretch. Only three more weeks, and the last class session will actually be the final exam. As seems to happen in many classes, we are a little behind in terms of the syllabus. We probably will not get to the last three chapters of the textbook, but two of these chapters were new in this edition, so it may not have been realistic to try and squeeze them in anyway. This is something I will need to think about before I finalize my syllabus for next semester. I am meeting with one of the other instructors who has taught the class a few times, so that I can get his perspective.

Today, we tried to cover different types of experimental designs and the notation that is used to describe these designs, but we went through it quickly, and it seemed like many students were overwhelmed and could really use more practice. One of the students even asked me if I could create some homework on Blackboard for them to do to prepare for the final exam. I’ll have to see if I can squeeze this in. After speeding through this topic, we then started to talk about the principles underlying inferential statistics, which is the next chapter in the book. We didn’t get very far with this chapter, but we will have to come back to it because next week, we will switch gears and move on to qualitative research designs.

I will be teaching the class on qualitative designs, so I have spent the last couple of days working on a PowerPoint and trying to come up with some activities. I am excited, but I wish this weren’t coming at such a busy time of the year. I know exactly how the students in this class feel because I, too, am slightly overwhelmed right now!

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